Senior Connection

Jan 16, 2015

Heart of My Heart

By Patti Holm 

Before you were born, you were close to my heart.
I knew I loved you right from the start.
A priceless gift sent from above,
My heart was filled with new wonder and love.

The toddler years were really rough.
If you fell, would I catch you quick enough?
I held my breath while learned to crawl and walk.
How soon would it be before you could talk?

You continued to learn and grow.
As a teen, you liked to say, "I know, I know".
Teaching you to drive was a scary thing.
What adventures would this new freedom bring?

You went off to college and had a blast!
You became an adult awfully fast.
Now so mature and fully grown,
You have a nice young family of your own.

I've come to realize I need you to care for me now.
I don't even know if you'll know how.
Heart of my heart, I grew old too soon!
You may soon be feeding me with a spoon.

Heart of my heart, I love you mom more each day.
I've loved you more than words can say.
I'll take care of you mom, I know now,
You were the one who taught me how.

Don't worry mom, it will be alright.
Even if I have to stay through the night.
Heart of my heart, we're bonded together.
Your were always there for me.
Now I'm here for you - forever!


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