Senior Connection

Jun 19, 2014

Whatever happened to 'wild and crazy'?

 by Andrea Erickson

Back in my 20's, 30's, and even well into my 40's, I always had an touch of 'wild and crazy' in my blood. Whether it was biking with a group of friends for 50 miles, skiing in a snow squall, hiking down a remote trail in the wilderness, or hopping on a train in Europe with no destination in mind to see if I could find the sun. These days, my 'wild and crazy' has been changed due to my reduced ability to walk long distances, and my life responsibilities. Pet dogs cannot always come along, and when they can join us, their company requires oversight. So, no spontaneous trips that force us to leave them behind.

But, life is far from boring! These middle age years have given me a true appreciation of classical music, opera, ballets, contemporary music. I've also learned to love the wonder and beauty of museums, from art to science to astronomy - we finally have the time and a little money to squeeze in visits and shows. It's wonderful to be able to soak in these experiences! And then there are the vacations we're able to savor - short stays or longer. I've seen more of this country now than ever before - local areas and long distance. There are surprises and fun around every corner.

Finally, there is my new career - writer, blogger, poet. These were activities that were former hobbies, but I'm embracing then as a new source of inspiration for me as a profession. Money is not the motivator now, it's my ability to call my own shots and work with the freedom I've acquired in these 'middle' years.

But, maybe that's the way life works. Our life experiences and memories keep us remembering those 'wild and crazy' moments, so we can laugh, reminisce with friends and family, and chart our next course of discovery. As the author, Jules Renard noted, “It`s not how old you are, it`s how you are old.”  


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