Senior Connection

Jul 3, 2014

The Cane

by Andrea Erickson

So, what do you see behind this cane?
A forsaken woman? A slow-walking pain?
A lazy relic of a forgotten time?
An unhealthy human who didn't do enough time 
on treadmills, in sneakers, out in open air?
A person who complains that life just isn't fair?
This woman is a scholar, and very much alive 
with tall tales and small tales and never ending drive, 
who prays to the Lord to protect friends, and family, 
who sneaks in a prayer of thanks for still living free.
Who gets frustrated, but proud that she's still living life - 
not begging for mercy as a broken-down wife.
This woman has feelings and hurts at times 
for lost friends, and strength that keeps her alive. 
This lady finds comfort in all parts of her life, 
and tries not to ponder too much anguish or strife.
She knows that this life happens once for us all,
so she breathes in the sunlight, and brilliant colors of Fall. 
She loves conversation, and journeys to the sea
To watch ocean and waves, and gulls flying free.
So, please take a moment to return a kind smile, or hold open a door - 
she'll be around for awhile. 
And listen, for this woman may have a story to tell, 
about her endless belief that all will be well.
So what do you see behind this cane?


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